5 Reasons to Start Planning Your Commercial Construction Today

We think it’s safe to say this year didn’t go exactly as many of us had planned. With the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many projects were put on hold, budgets were readjusted, and whole workforces sent home to work remotely.

We’ve all adjusted to this new normal, but as the end of the pandemic draws near and we look forward to resuming normal, pre-pandemic activities, it’s time to start thinking about planning (or unpausing) your commercial construction project. Why? Let’s look at 5 compelling reasons below.

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COVID-Safe Project Sites: How We’re Protecting Our Team & Our Clients

It feels like we’ve been living with our “new normal” for quite some time now. During this time, the BnK team has been fine-tuning our procedures and protocols to ensure that our clients’ project sites are as COVID-safe as possible.

Are you thinking about starting a new tenant improvement, commercial remodeling, or ground-up construction project soon? Keep reading to learn more about the steps we’re taking to keep everyone safe.

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Office Features Your Employees Will Love

Offices aren’t what they used to be. And thank goodness!

No longer are drab offices with rows upon rows of cubicles the norm. These uninspiring offices have been replaced with bright spaces that inspire employees to do their best work.

At BnK Construction, we help our clients build office spaces that employees love and business owners are proud of. Read on to learn about some of the office features we implement to help businesses and organizations in Portland accomplish this.

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