“We teamed with BnK to build our new dental ground up practice and community room. This was a complete shell and interior. BnK was awesome to work with, they really listened to us, were very responsive to our needs and easy to communicate with.

We were very happy with our project and would work with them again. Our project was a combined effort with BnK and the architect, and they worked well as a team.”

Dr. Blaine and Caroline Kennington, Cowlitz River Dental



About Cowlitz River Dental

Cowlitz River Dental is more than just another dental practice. They’re committed to providing great service to their patients and giving back to their community. Recently, they were looking to build a new office for their practice, including a community room, from the ground up. They knew what they wanted, and they couldn’t live with a cookie-cutter design.

That’s where BnK Construction, Inc.’s ground up construction team stepped in. With over 75 years of professional experience, our team knows what it takes to build out the perfect space, down to the smallest details.

Our team is made up of:

• Project managers
• Architects
• Designers
• Engineers
• Contractors

We were able to exceed our client’s expectations, thanks to our:

• Ability to back up our promises and deliver amazing results.
• Problem solving mentality and commitment to anticipating problems before they start.
• Day in and day out dedication to hard work, respect for our client’s vision, and willingness to go the extra mile.


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