“I was very happy with BnK! Our site superintendent was personable, approachable and patient. I trusted and depended on him for the duration of the project, which was not always smooth sailing.

BnK worked hard to give me what I had envisioned and delivered on promises. The price was right and the job came in at what I expected. BnK continues to help me with any issues after the project was over. I recommend them whenever anyone asks!”

Dr. Sara Caldwell, Happy Valley Veterinary



About Happy Valley

Happy Valley Veterinary was looking for more than just another construction company. They wanted a partner who would help bring their vision for the perfect veterinary practice to life. That’s just part of why they chose the veterinary office construction team from BnK Construction, Inc.

Dr. Caldwell and the rest of the team appreciated our:

Uncompromising commitment to building out their dream space on-schedule and on-budget.
Comprehensive support, even after construction was complete.
Honesty, integrity, and ability to deliver on our promises.

Our veterinary construction team includes design, planning, and construction professionals with over 75 years of combined industry experience. The team includes:

• Project managers
• Architects
• Designers
• Engineers
• Contractors


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