How to Plan for a Commercial Construction Project

A commercial construction project is a major venture that calls for organization and technical knowledge. Because of this, planning is an essential stage that must happen at the beginning of a new project. Everyone from owners to general contractors and subcontractors working on large-scale projects will benefit from having an outlined strategy.

Let’s take a closer look at how to plan successfully for a commercial construction project.

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Tips From Our Project Superintendents for a Positive Construction Experience

At BnK Construction, we place a large emphasis on making sure the construction process is simple for our clients. We want you to not only be thrilled with how your new space came out, but with the process that got us there

Even with this emphasis, for those experiencing a commercial construction project for the first time, there are bound to be some surprises. Below, we answer common questions and provide some information to keep in mind as you begin your construction process.

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The Evolving Modern Office

2020 changed a lot of things about this world — including how we’re working. Whether it’s working from home, limited travel, or Zoom meetings, how we work in the future will be drastically different than what we’re used to.

While stay at home orders may still be in place and many people are working from home in the Portland area, employees will be back in the office before you know it.

At BnK Construction, we’ve heard from many clients who have changed how their businesses operate and now need to adjust their offices accordingly. Read on to learn why these businesses are changing their offices and what they’re doing to make their future office work better for our new reality.

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Office Features Your Employees Will Love

Offices aren’t what they used to be. And thank goodness!

No longer are drab offices with rows upon rows of cubicles the norm. These uninspiring offices have been replaced with bright spaces that inspire employees to do their best work.

At BnK Construction, we help our clients build office spaces that employees love and business owners are proud of. Read on to learn about some of the office features we implement to help businesses and organizations in Portland accomplish this.

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